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We are launching

Hello guys!
I am pleased to announce that we are launching.
I want to present a virtual model workshop.
It is designed for anyone who loves to learn technology through the assembly of models.
In it, we tried to solve some of the problems that modellers face in everyday life:
Now your model shop is almost always with you – on your phone, tablet or computer.
Nothing needs to be installed. Everything works via the Internet in the browser.
No need to wait for delivery of your favorite model for weeks.
All models that you see are available online 24/7.
Now you do not depend on your skill level.
Any model from the catalog, you can assemble to the end, if desired.
The model is assembled using gestures or a mouse.
Many models that were previously inaccessible to you because of the high cost, inaccessibility, lack of the required skills and equipment, we will try to release in a virtual form.

Of course there are also disadvantages.
First you need an internet connection. Without it, the game does not work.
Some models will have to buy. What to do: the developers want the same money.
Models can not be painted manually.
The models are already going pre-painted.
The assembled model can not be put on the shelf in the closet.
But you can share it with a screenshot on the network.

Well, for the grumblers.
We are not a replacement for traditional modeling with all its pluses and minuses.
We are expanding its boundaries!

All pleasant modeling.